Linux screen commands

These commands are after replacing ctrl+a by ctrl+t, to avoid emacs shortcut confilcts.
Tabs and navigation

ctrl+t ?          list of all the key binding that are available on screen.
ctrl+t ctrl+u     move between tabs up.
ctrl+t ctrl+j     move between tabs down.
ctrl+t 0          jump to tab number 0 (tab number).
ctrl+d            close a tab.
ctrl+t ctrl+c     create a new tab.

Copy and paste

ctrl+t [          goes into copy mode.
ctrl+p            move up in the copy mode.
ctrl+n            move down in the copy mode.
ctrl+b            move backward in the copy mode.
ctrl+f            move forward in the copy mode.
ctrl+space        abort copy mode.
space             set marker to select.
shift+>           copy selected text into buffer.
ctrl+t ]          write from buffer/paste.

Detach and reattach sessions

screen -d         detach a screen session.
screen -r         resume a screen session.

Splitting tabs.

ctrl+t then S     To split horizontally.
ctrl+t then |     To split vertically.
ctrl+t then Q     To unsplit:  (uppercase one).
ctrl+t then tab    To switch from one to the other.

Useful video tutorial


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